Review: 4 things I look for when buying scrubs, featuring Barco Uniforms

Happy Friday!

I've teamed up with Barco Uniforms to bring you this review, and today I'm going to tell you the 4 things I look for when buying scrubs. If you're a medical student, you know the amount of time you spend in scrubs and it's a LOT. Sometimes we're not even required to wear scrubs on a certain day and we wear it anyway - amiright? Scrubs become an essential in our wardrobe not just now in medical school, but also later on when we become practicing physicians. And if you are a practicing physician, or any one else in the medical field, just how much time do you spend time in scrubs? 

During my first year in medical school, I have to be honest and say I didn't spend a lot on scrubs and just went for the "okay" ones because I didn't think much of it - "oh it'll just get dirty anyway". Which is TRUE, but I didn't realize that since I'd be wearing them a lot I'm also sacrificing some comfort, and style. And plus, if I'm gonna wear them, might as well look good right? I

So here are my 4 things I look for when I buy scrubs:

  1. Comfort - this is KEY. You want a material that is soft but durable. The scrubs from Barco are just that. The material is stretchy enough, but it still maintains its shape! Material wise, dare I say these feel like workout clothes? Thank you 4-way stretch! These are definitely beyond your typical scrubs because they're made for performance as well, when you're running around to and from work, classes, wherever. 
  2. Style - scrubs can still be stylish - WHAT?! Yes they can. I bought scrub sets that were just plain boxy, and no shape. Barco's scrubs have a great shape and (if you get the right size), they fit well. No more baggy scrubs! 
  3. Pockets - who else stashes everything in their scrub pockets? Just me? Pockets are essential when you've got to stash pens, mini notebooks, phones, stethoscopes, etc. These scrubs have pockets for DAYS. Zip up pockets, side pockets, front pockets, and even a little pocket for your pen on the pants. While on the top you've got double front pockets!
  4. Durable - So, you don't want to keep re-buying scrubs, and neither do it. So these have got to last a while. As I mentioned earlier, the material of these scrubs are like workout clothes where there is stretch and it really is designed for performance. Did I mention the back has vents? So if you start to break a sweat - no biggie. Not only that, but it's moisture wicking and resists wrinkles - I'm sure these can weather any situation.

Lastly, I just want to tell you all something awesome about these scrubs: each piece is made from 5 recycled plastic bottles! Not only are these comfy, stylish, and durable but ALSO eco-friendly. 

What are your favorite scrub brands? And have you tried Barco? Let me know in the comments below! 

xo, Dorothy