Medelita Element Scrubs Review

How is it almost 2017?! Although I’m EXTREMELY excited for it to be 2018(because one more year closer to graduation AND I’ll get married soon) I can’t believe how time literally goes by SO FAST. Also, I just want to thank you all for continuing to follow along on my blog as well as on my Instagram and it’s because of YOU that we can make this happen! With that said, here’s a review of Medelita Element Scrub.

When I first put this set of scrubs on, the first thing I thought was how flattering the fit was. No getting swallowed up by your scrubs and looking like you’re wearing a big plastic bag. I was so excited because I got to wear it to a couple of ED shifts while I was on internal medicine. All night, I was comfortable and didn’t have to pull up on my pants and readjust the strings. That’s the best part because that’s one less thing I have to worry about. The fabric was extremely soft as well & I loved that because it kept me comfortable throughout the shift.

Another thing I absolutely enjoyed about this scrub set are ALL THE POCKETS. You really can’t have enough pockets because there’s so many little things to be carrying around. I’m obsessed with pockets and love that Medelita caters to those who seem to be obsessed haha! Now, as far at fit goes, it is true to size. I got it in XS – both top and bottom - and the pants are not dragging on the ground. The top is a little long on me since I’m shorter (5’2” for reference) so I prefer it tucked in. When I wore it, I paired it along with the Medelita Ionic scrub jacket and I loved the look – and feel too.

If you’re looking for a pair of scrubs definitely check the Element scrubs from Medelita. You can save too, by using the code: LIFEINTHEMEDLANE9



Xx, Dorothy