The Detox Box - January Edition

Long time no post my friends! I think you all know why though: I got married!! WOOHOO! The past month has been a whirlwind but I would not have it any other way. With all the craziness that was taking place in January, my skin needed some extra TLC and I'm so glad that The Detox Market allowed me to try their January Detox Box. I had no idea what the products would be, but I'm so excited that they actually came in clutch during this crucial time of tests, traveling, and stress before the wedding day! 

If you haven't heard of The Detox Market before, they're a retailer of all natural, organic skin care, make up, health items, and more. They are one of my go-to place for any of my skincare or make-up needs! Something they came out with recently was The Detox Box, and it's a monthly subscription box that has products valued at least $90 or more. The January box was filled with two products from Tammy Fender: The Epi-Peel ($80 value for 1.7oz) and the Bulgarian Rose Water ($15 value for 1oz). My first impression on seeing the products was that they were small, especially the Epi-Peel, but honestly after using them, those two products pack a punch! 

First, I'll talk about the Epi-Peel. I really thought about why I or any one would be $80 for a small jar of this product. But, if you're looking for a really good and fine exfoliating product this could be a great contender. Here are the key ingredients from The Detox Market:


  • Kaolin Clay softens skin and refines pores while Watercress repairs damaged tissue and slows aging with Vitamins C and A, plus beta carotene.

  • Pure Moroccan Rosemary, Far West Native Spearmint, and Panax Ginseng energize, decongest, clear, and oxygenate the skin.

  • Grapeseed Oil and Shea Butter soften and soothe.

After trying it out, my skin legit felt so smooth. The feel of the exfoliating grains were very very fine - one of the finest I've ever tried, and I truly think that's why my skin felt as smooth as it did after use. In terms of the amount of product used, you really only need a little bit. I would say a dime size or maybe less. Also, you only use it 2-3 times/week, so now I see why it's a smaller size. 

Next up: the Bulgarian Rose Water Facial Toner. Now, rose water toners are not new to me - I've used the Heritage Brand one from Whole Foods. So I'm always down to try different brands and see how they compare. The January Detox Box has a sample size of the Tammy Fender toner ($15 value), and although I love it so much and think the formulation is wonderful, I wouldn't spend $65 for the full size. This little one though, has been the perfect size for travel for me this past month so I will give it that ;) I might even reuse the glass bottle for travel purposes. 

KEY INGREDIENTS [Bulgarian Rose Water Toner]*

  • Bulgarian Rose Oil and Water tone, hydrate, strengthen weakened skin, and repair tissue damage.

  • Spiritually, the power of rose strengthens your emotional center and reveals love and beauty.

Overall, I love that I got in the January box and I'm glad I got to try out some products from the Tammy Fender line. It's a brand I've seen before but just never got around to purchasing anything from it. The Detox Box is a great way to familiarize yourself to green beauty brands, or if you just like to try new brands! In terms of the price-point, it's $49.95/month if you just get one time. It goes down to $44.95/month for 3 months, and then $39.95/month for 6 months. I would say the price is a little steep for the almost $50 price tag for just one box at a time. You would definitely get more out of it if you commit to the 6 month run of detox boxes. So, it just truly depends on how much you're willing to invest in the products. Keep in mind, you won't know the products/brand until after the start of the month, and that sometimes they can possibly sell out. Also, the brands will be green beauty specific so that's another thing to keep in mind when looking into purchasing this box. I will say though, that green beauty products are on the more pricier side so this box may be a good way to try some products out so you're not paying full price. 

I hope that little run-down on the January Detox Box was helpful! Let me know if you guys have any other questions.