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Okay ya'll, if you're getting on the "New Year, New Me" train just recently - IT'S NEVER TOO LATE! Today, I'm going to be posting a Back & Biceps work out. If you've read my previous post (click here), I talk about how exercising & eating healthy is a lifestyle. I don't go on diets (I really don't think they work), and I try to balance my schedule to be able to work out or get moving in some way. When it comes to working out, I try to focus on one to two muscle groups PLUS a little bit of cardio. Not gonna lie to ya'll, cardio is not my fave. If I do cardio, I try to do 30secs sprint + 30sec rest for about 15 mins on the treadmill, walk on an incline, OR jump roping, but that usually doesn't last as long TBH.

As with any workouts, it's important to switch things up so your muscles don't get used to the same exact thing, week after week. My typical schedule is as follows:

  • Mondays: Leg day (quad focused) 
  • Tuesdays: Chest + Tris
  • Wednesdays: Back + Bis
  • Thursday: Leg day (hamstring + glute focused)
  • Friday: Shoulders
  • Saturday + Sunday: Rest day or catching up if I missed a day during the week. 

Now, I said this is my typical schedule. I don't ALWAYS do the same order. In fact, I've been switching it up lately depending on my energy levels and just so my muscles don't get used to the same routine. Also, I want to mention that most of the workouts I do are more-so weight-lifting exercises. Keep in mind that most require free-weights, dumbbells and and some machines! Don't be intimidate to use those and if you do, make sure that you are using proper form (Safety First! If something does not feel right DONT DO IT - you can always switch things up; just my disclaimer). 

So today I want to share with you guys what I did for Back + Bi Day. FYI: I go to the good 'ol YouTube for lots of Fit-spirations such as: Whitney SimmonsTaylor Chamberlain, Christina Capron, and the like. So go check them out!) 

1. So cardio is tough for me cus I find it boring (cardi-no). BUT for that day, I decided to speed walk on the tread mill, with an incline. Do a speed + level that is comfortable yet challenging for you.
2. Stretch the arms and back (I like to do some light stretching, and leave the deeper stretches for after the work out.

Actual Workout:
- Bent-over rows with under hand grip
- Bent-over rows with over hand grip
DO 4 sets of 10. (These are super-sets and what that means is you do 10 reps of the first one, then 10 reps of the second one and that equals ONE SET. Now do it for 3 more times).
(PS: you can do these with dumbbells as opposed to a barbell.)

-Lat Pull Down Variation: do a lighter weight than you normally do and you will pull on one side first, then the other, and then both (as you would normally). That equals ONE rep. 
DO 3 sets of 8. (PS: I couldn't find a picture on the google but check out Whitney Simmon's YouTube vid here

-Seated Cable Rows: Use the narrow-grip attachment and once you pull, squeeze at the end (think like you're about to snap the pencil in half that's in between your back muscles haha!)
DO 4 sets of 10

-Alternating Bicep Curls with one arm that's stationary: For this exercise, you want to start out with one arm at your side (holding the dumbbell) out at an angle and bent elbows. The other arm will be doing the bicep curls (same angle in which you are hold the stationary arm), while the other is stationary. 
DO 3 sets of 8 reps (each arm)
(PS: the video shows the girl doing it at the same time: for this exercise you would one one arm at a time while the other is holding the dumbbell out)

-Hammer Curls: hold the dumbbells as you would normally and you will do a curl on both arms at the same time. 
DO 4 sets of 10 reps

Don't Forget: Take 1-2 minute break IN BETWEEN SETS! 

Cool Down: 
-Stretch: here I take more time doing deeper stretches for my arms, side body, and even legs. 
-Sometimes I get back on the treadmill for 5 more minutes and walk at an incline. 

There you have it! I hope this helps you & your work out routine ;) Whenever I take some time off, I try to do some yoga or just rest my body. It's always good to allow your body to rest + recover so don't forget that! Also, I have linked a visual for the exercises as well as the links to the YouTube Channels of the people I like to get fit-spirations from! 

What do you like to do for your workouts?


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xo, Dorothy 


As promised here is my review on the RXBAR! I got a special promo on them through Facebook, where you can get 6 flavors for $3, to introduce you to the brand and flavor. I'm not sure how to find the code again, but I will have a link at the end of this post for $5 off your first purchase! 

Without further ado, here it is: 

  1. Sea salt caramel - TBH, this was not a good flavor for me. I don't think the caramel taste works with the dates. Personally, this was not the flavor for me. (sadly).
  2. Mint chocolate - This is one of my top 2 faves! It was very good! I loved the refreshing taste of the mint and the chocolate. The taste works well with the dates, where as the sea salt caramel just didn't do it for me. 
  3. Chocolate sea salt - if you don't like mint, you would probably love this one instead. This one is the other flavor in my top 2 faves! (Actually I think this is my first favorite!!!) The chocolate sea salt works great with the dates. The salt flavor is not overwhelming whatsoever.
  4. Chocolate coconut: I surprisingly loved this one! I'm not usually a coconut person when it comes to deserts/bars/etc. but I love coconut water, coconut oil - so I'm weird in that way. BUT this was actually Good. The coconut flavor was not overwhelming, and it blended well with the chocolate flavor.
  5. Blueberry: this one was good too but I love the ones with chocolate (and chocolate chips) more - I'm a chocolate girl! I was eating this during one of the breaks of my exam. It kept me full throughout, even if I just ate half. This is a good flavor for you if you're not really into the chocolate-y flavors! 
  6. Peanut butter - so my peanut butter bar went missing (sad face here). I have no idea where I put it haha. I'm sure it tastes good but I can't give an opinion on that since I didn't get to taste it. I do have a granola/cereal that is dark chocolate peanut butter and I hope RX bar makes a flavor like that because it'll be like Reese's pieces!


-Lots of flavor options, although I haven't tried them all. I liked 4/6 that was in the sample pack. I'm sure there are other awesome flavors! 

-Quality/content is amazing. It's super healthy but still Satisfies your sweet tooth if you're craving something sweet. It has dates, almonds, cashew, and 3 egg whites (and no BS haha). Real. Whole. Foods. I love that I can have a snack that is healthy and satisfying. Also, these are "Whole30" approved which is awesome for those who are doing that. (I personally am not, though).

-Keeps me full longer than other bars!! Some snack bars just don't cut it for me - I'm still so hungry afterward. But this actually satisfies my hunger (at least for a while - 3 hrs tops) because of its protein content and the content overall. It's not just a bunch of fillers. 


-Okay so these bars can be a little bit more money-wise the other bars. But they do seem to always have some kind of deal going on on the website! You can also use this link here: to get $5 off your first order! It will automatically take off the $5 off at checkout.

-Not available in most stores :( i have to order these for the most part (which to me is not a big deal anymore) but having these in stores would be more convenient. On the website, there is a store locator to find what stores do carry it near your area! 

Who else has tried RXBARS, and what do you think about them? Also if you have other favorite snack bars let me know down below! 


Post-Workout Blueberry Protein Shake + The Masonbar Company

This past Friday, I decided to do leg day (which I postponed from Thursday, since this week has been hectic). My workout consisted of warming up on the treadmill for 6 mins, stretching and weightlifting: deadlifts, reverse lunges, leg presses, straight-leg dead lifts and hamstring curls; then stretching again at the end. I normally do super-sets, which mean I combine two exercises back to back as one set, completing 3-4 sets, and resting in between sets. 

After this workout, I was completely done for! I usually would drink a protein-shake with just mixing my protein powder with 8oz of water, but I decided when I got home that I would make a Blueberry Protein Shake instead! Here's the recipe:

  • 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder (I use BSN Syntha-6 Vanilla Ice Cream flavor)
  • Handful of blueberries 
  • 6 cubes of ice
  • 1-2 cups of Cashew milk (I honestly eye-balled it)

Blend everything in the blender, and voila - a quick post-workout shake that helped me last until lunch time, thanks to the protein content. 

This smoothie already looked delicious, but I totally had to share with you all my favorite way to dress up my mason jars! A while back, when I first started using mason jars to drink basically everything out of I found out about The Mason Bar Company. They have the absolute cutest lids for your mason jars that have holes for straws in them so you can take your drinks to go. I have the plastic lids in copper and gold (but can't seem to find my gold one - insert sad face here), clear plastic straws, straw brush (to clean the straws), and a mint colored cuff. The lids are dishwasher safe, but the straws you have to hand-wash (which isn't a big deal to me). The cuff is super cute and fits my tall jars as well as my smaller ones. They also have bamboo lids for mason jars if that's something you're looking for. I haven't purchased those before but they're really cute and are also available if you're looking more for a storage lid! 

Do you drink out of mason jars too? If you do, give these a try! It's a fun way to personalize your drinkware - and enjoy your post-workout smoothie or whatever you may be drinking :) 


Share below what you like to do for working out, and what you like to re-fuel with after your workouts!

Go-to Breakfast

With busy days ahead, I make sure that I eat a filling breakfast! One of my favorites right now is Oatbran with Vanilla Protein Powder mixed in, and chocolate chips on top. As far as caffeine goes, I actually have not been drinking coffee this entire school year - I've been sticking to Matcha or Earl Grey (or some type of black tea). Yes, there is still caffeine in these drinks but I haven't experienced any crash and I feel that I have more energy when I don't drink coffee and stick to these instead. (side note: I do have coffee once or twice when I go home on breaks, because I really do love a good cup of coffee). 

1. Bob's Red Mill Oat Bran
2. Vanilla protein powder of your choice (make sure that it mixes well)
   Try: Syntha-6 Vanilla Ice Cream
3. Almond Butter
   Try: No Stir Almond Butter
4. 60% Dark Chocolate Chips

How to make it: Make the oat bran as directed by the package. Once it's done, mix in 1 full scoop of the vanilla protein powder into the pot, and stir well. Optional: add 1 tbsp of almond butter. 
Transfer to your favorite bowl and add 1 tbsp of the Dark chocolate chips on top and watch them melt :) 

1. Ecomatcha (from amazon) 
2. Half and Half
3. Optional: Honey or sweetener of your choice
4. Optional: Frother (from amazon) 

How to make it: Fill up your favorite mug half way with hot water and mix 1 tsp of matcha in and your sweetener of choice. Then, get another mug and fill it with half & half (2 Tbsps) and heat it in microwave for 30secs. Once it's done, froth the half & half and mix into the matcha. 



PS. Let me know if you all are interested in more simple, easy, yummy recipes!