JaxFaves Series: Part 1 - Coffee Shops

HNY Everyone! With the new year comes new things for the blog. I'm super excited to announce this series which will highlight some places in Jacksonville, FL - or as I refer to it "Jax" - that I love going to. This post will highlight COFFEE SHOPS that I personally love to go to, as well as those that I have yet to go to and would love to visit. 

Whenever I'm home for the holidays or any other type of break, I cherish going to these places because this city is near and dear to my heart as it is home. I hope you enjoy & one day if you're ever visiting the area, check these coffee shops out! 

1. Bold Bean: With three locations and counting, this is one of my favorite places to get a latte at. One is located in Jax Beach. One in Riverside. And the newest one is located in San Marco. These three locations totally fit within the neighborhoods/area that they are in and I adore each one of them. It's a great place to sit and have coffee with your friends, or try to get some work done. If you go, try: a latte with Spicy Chocolate syrup, or Vanilla. 

2. Brew - Five Points: Located in Historic Five Points (and next to other places I love going to), Brew has once of the best Matcha Lattes in town. TBH, I haven't seen other coffee shops with matcha lattes, and if you know me, you know my love for matcha. Their matcha latte is definitely a more traditional in a sense that it's not sweetened already like it is at Starbucks. That way, you really get that flavor of matcha goodness. YUM! If you go, try: Obvs the Matcha Latte. Hint: Get it with soy milk if you like a little more sweetness.

3. Southern Grounds & Co.: If you want to breathe in fresh sea breeze, go to Southern Grounds & Co which is super close to the beach. Also go here if you want to have a big slice of cake along with you coffee. If you go, try: Chai Latte, with a slice of the Salted Caramel Cake. Hint: I believe they rotate out what types of cake they have so really just get what you like ;)

4. Sippers Coffeehouse: If you have some serious studying to get done, or have a deadline due while you're in Jax, go here. The environment is a little bit more quiet which makes it great for a more intense coffee shop study sesh. It's also very cozy and home-y so it's not like you're in the library studying either. If you go, try: Chai Latte, with one of their muffins (some are available gluten free). 

5. Three Layers: an oldie, but goodie - to many anyways because it's been a while since I've gone. But, Three Layers is such a great spot to just chill, sip on your coffee, along with their amazing pastries. They also have a garden in the back, which is super dreamy & it's called the Zen Garden. 

Coffee Shop Wishlist (AKA where I still need to go):
-Vagabond Coffee
-Southern Roots Filling Station
-Breezy Coffee Shop and Cafe

What are you favorite coffee shops in your area?! (Recommend some down below, so one day if I ever visit, i'll know exactly where to go).