So Matcha Goodness - Get to Know the Benefits of Matcha & Why You Need to Start Drinking it.

If you guys haven't heard yet, everyone had gone crazy over matcha - myself included! I'm SO OBSESSED with the green powdered goodness that is matcha, that I barely drink coffee anymore. SAY WHAT?! You read that right - I only really drink coffee in desperate times or if I'm enjoying a PSL or other lattes from some of my fave coffee shops. But TBH, if that coffee shop sells a matcha latte, that's what I'm getting. 

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DIY MATCHA: How I Make My Own Matcha Drinks At Home | PANATEAxLITML

I've gotten TONS of questions on how I make my matcha at home, and I don't blame ya'll one bit because I post ALL THE TIME about my matcha craze! If you don't know what MATCHA is, it's basically finely ground up green tea leaves (not just the regular kind, the really really good kind) and it's got A TON of health benefits to it. I've been drinking matcha for a couple of years now, and I absolutely love the taste of it & how it doesn't give me that coffee-crash. (I drink coffee from time to time too, don't get me wrong! But, I don't live off of coffee anymore - at least not right now and I hope to keep it that way). If you want to find out more about the health benefits of and what makes matcha different, click HERE

Today, I'll show you guys how to make matcha in TWO different ways. The first will be the traditional way, made with just hot water and a bamboo whisk. The second will be my go to recipe, which is the matcha latte. So, keep on reading to find out how YOU can make your own matcha drink at home! 

At Home Instant Matcha 

This is probably THE EASIEST matcha recipe EVER, which takes DIY Matcha on a whole new level. 

What you need:
- 1 PANATEA Instant Matcha Packet
- 12 oz Water
- 1 cup ice

What to do:
- Once you have the 12 oz water in a cup, add 1 packet of the PANATEA Instant Matcha Packet 
- Then, just add the ice, and VOILA! You've got yourself an iced matcha!

DIY Matcha Latte 

This recipe is my GO-TO. RIDE-OR-DIE. TRIED-AND-TRUE. Y'all ready for my DIY matcha latte recipe?!

Here's what you need:
- 1 tsp PANATEA Ceremonial Grade Matcha
- 2 Tbsps Water
- 1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (or milk of your choice)
- Optional: Bamboo Matcha Whisk

What to do:
- Heat up the water (but not to boiling)
- Place in a bowl and add the 1 tsp of Matcha
- Whisk away OR place the water and Matcha in the blender and blend
- Heat the almond milk or milk of your choice (but again, not to boiling) 
- Add the warm milk into the blender and blend again. (again, you can skip all the separate steps and just blend the water, milk and matcha in the blender) 
- Pour the yummy goodness into your favorite cup
- Optional: sprinkle extra Matcha on top! 

I'm loving the options of being able to make a quick matcha, but also being able to make it into a morning ritual and sipping slowly on that warm creamy matcha latte! What would your choice be: Are you an on-the-go person who likes iced matcha? Or are you a slow-down type of person and enjoys the ritual of making your morning matcha latte? 

These are the best ways I've found to make my DIY matcha drinks and I thank PANATEA for graciously sending me a few samples of their matcha to try out! If you'd like to try too, you can use the code "DOROTHY15" for 15% off your first order!

Hope you loved this post so Matcha ;)

xoxo, Dorothy


Medical School and Burn Out

If you're a fellow second year medical student, you know that it is officially Board-Study Season. And I don't know about you, but I definitely feel the stress already. A few medical students who are a year or two ahead of me gave some of the same tips, and it is this: DON'T GET BURNED OUT. Does this phrase give any one else chills? It's a topic that is commonly thrown around within the medical community - whether students, residents or so on. Now that we're officially in this season of life where it seems like the "end of this tunnel" will never come, I truly believe that this is one of the times in my life in which I really need to be more aware of my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health - so as to prevent this thing called "burn out". 

As if I, and other medical students don't already get "burned out" from constantly studying during the year, we now have one more thing on our plate - a big thing - that we are up against. So what can I do now to hopefully keep this burning out thing at bay? 

1. Community - surrounding myself with friends who are on the same mission, as well as those who can encourage me and keep me grounded is crucial. I've been blessed with friendships here at medical school and back home where I can go to those friends for encouragement, advice, fun - anything really. Another thing that ties in with this is "intentionality" (is that even a word?) because these friendships and relationships are not cultivated without putting in time and effort. 

2. Fitness & Eating Clean - I've talked about this before in a previous post, but I love working out. My body can tell when I haven't been moving and eating well, and it tells me to get movin' and get back on track. I guess I've become more aware or in-tune with my body, which is something important especially with the very busy life I lead. It's important to know when it's time to slow down, take care of yourself, so that you can better focus on your goals. Exercise & meal prep! Exercising not only keeps you physically fit, but also mentally fit! But HEY - don't forget to treat yo'self though. Take rests days and if you're needing that chocolate, ice cream, chips (whatever your weakness is) - GO FOR IT - just remember, everything in moderation

3. Faith - whether times are good or tough, my faith is something near and dear to me. I know that no matter what happens, I can fall back on it and know that everything will be ok. Life is not perfect and things don't always happen as I think they would. But I know that if I continue to believe and have faith that things will work out for the best, they usually do! 

4. Take Breaks - so simple, but easily forgotten. I try to talk to my parents every day even if it's just a little bit. And if you didn't already know - I'm engaged (EEP!) - So it's important to still be able to spend time and talk with the fiance! On top of all of this we are wedding planning. Am I crazy? (Maybe later on I'll write about my experience of planning a wedding while in medical school?) I don't know, but all of these things I've mentioned are more important now that ever! So I take breaks, watch my shows and get a good laugh. Hang out with my friends, and blog too ;)

I'm hoping that these things will carry me through the next few months, and even through the rest of my career in medicine.

What are your favorite ways to prevent burn out? Have you experienced it yourself? What did you do to recover? I'm all ears to any advice! 

xo, Dorothy 

PS. Aren't those pillows the cutest? This is one of my current favorites because I need all the motivation I can get for these next few months. Check more out at F R E E L Y by clicking here. (Many thanks to my friend Ashley @ F R E E L Y for this wonderful piece). 

JaxFaves Series: Part 1 - Coffee Shops

HNY Everyone! With the new year comes new things for the blog. I'm super excited to announce this series which will highlight some places in Jacksonville, FL - or as I refer to it "Jax" - that I love going to. This post will highlight COFFEE SHOPS that I personally love to go to, as well as those that I have yet to go to and would love to visit. 

Whenever I'm home for the holidays or any other type of break, I cherish going to these places because this city is near and dear to my heart as it is home. I hope you enjoy & one day if you're ever visiting the area, check these coffee shops out! 

1. Bold Bean: With three locations and counting, this is one of my favorite places to get a latte at. One is located in Jax Beach. One in Riverside. And the newest one is located in San Marco. These three locations totally fit within the neighborhoods/area that they are in and I adore each one of them. It's a great place to sit and have coffee with your friends, or try to get some work done. If you go, try: a latte with Spicy Chocolate syrup, or Vanilla. 

2. Brew - Five Points: Located in Historic Five Points (and next to other places I love going to), Brew has once of the best Matcha Lattes in town. TBH, I haven't seen other coffee shops with matcha lattes, and if you know me, you know my love for matcha. Their matcha latte is definitely a more traditional in a sense that it's not sweetened already like it is at Starbucks. That way, you really get that flavor of matcha goodness. YUM! If you go, try: Obvs the Matcha Latte. Hint: Get it with soy milk if you like a little more sweetness.

3. Southern Grounds & Co.: If you want to breathe in fresh sea breeze, go to Southern Grounds & Co which is super close to the beach. Also go here if you want to have a big slice of cake along with you coffee. If you go, try: Chai Latte, with a slice of the Salted Caramel Cake. Hint: I believe they rotate out what types of cake they have so really just get what you like ;)

4. Sippers Coffeehouse: If you have some serious studying to get done, or have a deadline due while you're in Jax, go here. The environment is a little bit more quiet which makes it great for a more intense coffee shop study sesh. It's also very cozy and home-y so it's not like you're in the library studying either. If you go, try: Chai Latte, with one of their muffins (some are available gluten free). 

5. Three Layers: an oldie, but goodie - to many anyways because it's been a while since I've gone. But, Three Layers is such a great spot to just chill, sip on your coffee, along with their amazing pastries. They also have a garden in the back, which is super dreamy & it's called the Zen Garden. 

Coffee Shop Wishlist (AKA where I still need to go):
-Vagabond Coffee
-Southern Roots Filling Station
-Breezy Coffee Shop and Cafe

What are you favorite coffee shops in your area?! (Recommend some down below, so one day if I ever visit, i'll know exactly where to go).