So Matcha Goodness - Get to Know the Benefits of Matcha & Why You Need to Start Drinking it.

If you guys haven't heard yet, everyone had gone crazy over matcha - myself included! I'm SO OBSESSED with the green powdered goodness that is matcha, that I barely drink coffee anymore. SAY WHAT?! You read that right - I only really drink coffee in desperate times or if I'm enjoying a PSL or other lattes from some of my fave coffee shops. But TBH, if that coffee shop sells a matcha latte, that's what I'm getting. 

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide Round Up



Just kidding y'all. But seriously, next thing you know those phrases will be coming right out of our mouths because it's going to come by so fast! With that said, I'm super excited to bring to you all my first EVER Holiday Gift Guide.

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