Smitten Scrubs + Giving Back

Happy Friday ya'll! You may have seen one of my stories on the good 'ol Instagram where I mentioned I was working on a post for today. Without further ado - here it is! Scrub Shopper reached out to me to promote a scrub brand that is relaunching one of their lines. It is the Bliss collection from Smitten Scrubs! As you know, I'm in medical school - so scrubs are a wardrobe staple. So I'm extremely grateful to be able to share this brand with ya'll! 

My first impression of these scrubs was that the material reminded me of a Nike or Adidas track suit! The fabric is a ponte knit which makes it heavier - but not in a bad way! It's great for the colder weather so that you don't necessarily have to wear leggings under scrubs (which I do a lot in the winter). 

As far as the fit goes, I think that the top fit me great (XS), but may have been a little long on me (I'm 5'2") - So I would probably suggest a Petite size (#shortpeopleprobs). The bottoms were the PERFECT length (Small petite), but there is something I noticed. It was that the hip area has a slight - and I mean sliiiiiight - curvier fit. Now, my body type is more straight so personally those are not necessary for me. In fact, the curves are not as flattering for me. BUT, if you're on the curvier side - these bottoms would be perfect! It's not super noticeable, especially if the top is not tucked in. And again, it's very slight and it really depends on your body type. Of course, they've got lots of stretch all around which is great! 

Something  else that I absolutely love are the POCKETS. If scrubs are also a part of your wardrobe staples, then you would love #allthepockets. There are a total of 4 pockets on the top and 3 on the bottom (one of which is a bigger side pocket & there's velcro to secure items). 

Overall, I was extremely pleased by these scrubs & will be my go-to for the colder, winter months! 

Another exciting news I wanted to mention is called the "Give Back" Campaign by Scrub Shopper. What it is, is that during the month of January and February, Scrub Shopper will be Giving Back to some organizations when you make a purchase through their website. The organizations included are: Susan G. Komen, Doctors Without Borders, St. Jude's, The Abandoned Pet Project, and the Greta James Scholarship Foundation. When making a purchase, you will have the option to select ONE of the above-mentioned organizations and Scrub Shopper with donate $1 PER ORDER to the organization that you chose! 

I know that Christmas and the Holidays have passed, but what a great way to continue in the giving spirit throughout 2017! In addition, Scrub Shopper has offered a DISCOUNT CODE to take $15 OFF any order over $80 (and it can be purchase of ANY brand).
DISCOUNT CODE: "dorothyfaye15" (can be used at check out).

Thank ya'll for reading! I hope to continue to be able to help in anyway I can whether it's by giving product reviews, sharing perspective on medical school and life during medical school. SO - let me know what other types of posts you would like to read about! 

And don't forget, no matter what season - let's give back. 

xo, Dorothy 



Disclaimer: These Smitten Scrubs were sent to me by Scrub Shopper. All opinions are completely my own. Thank you.