First Impressions: Medelita Ionic Scrub Jacket Review

I'm a little bit over a week into my surgery rotation and it's been such a different experience! I was in family medicine for 8 weeks, and so being in the OR and in the surgery clinic has been such a different environment. One of my most favorite thing about it is the team work - each and every individual plays a vital role in the outcome of the patient. Anyway, I digress - today what I really wanted to share with you all is the Medelita Ionic Jacket! Which by the way,  I wish I can wear into the OR. 

This will be a "first impression" review since I haven't gotten a chance to actually wear this out to the hospital. I did wear it around the house with my workout clothes to lounge in. Hope you all enjoy this review!

Color choices: there are only two options available, navy blue or black. While the choices seem underwhelming, it's the two colors that are very versatile to wear within different hospitals. After all, this is meant to be a scrub jacket.

Style: I love the athletic style of this jacket, hence why I was wearing it with my workout clothes! It's got a sleek look to it, all the pockets you can ever ask for, and also a vent in the back to keep you cool. Also, the back is slightly longer to cover the tush if that's something that you like! As I mentioned, it's got A LOT of pockets so you're sure to have a place for your snacks, phone, pens, and whatever else you keep on hand. 

Fit: Now, while the shoulder area fit me just fine, i found the length to be a little long. I know that this specific jacket was made to be long, but I'm only 5'2" so I think it's a little longer on me. This was not a big problem for me though! It's not body-hugging either, meaning the fit is looser on me. I guess different overall fit for different body types, but you'll see down below how it lays on my frame. (I got the XS for reference).

Quality: Last but not least, the quality. When I first took it out of the packaging, the material seemed high-quality and that it'll keep me warm once I do get to wear it around the hospital (which I'm excited to wear it for!). When I did wear it to lounge around in, it kept me warm because I tend to get cold easily. As far as a material, it is a little stretchy, and it's supposed to dry fast just in case you spill anything on it ;) 

For more information about the Medelita Ionic Scrub Jacket, click HERE. To get 15% off your purchase, you can use the code "LIFEINTHEMEDLANE1" on check out! (And we can twin ;D).



Business Casual Outfit Ideas - Medical School Style

Happy Friday! Today I'll be sharing how I changed up the look of one of my favorite pants from Banana Republic. I've had OMT Clinic and standardized patient encounters back-to-back (Wednesday - Thursday) so I've been loving pairing these pants with different tops. Okay - I can't be the only one that wears pants twice right? I change out of my business casual clothes right away because I love being comfy in my leggings - who else is with me? The looks might seem similar to some of you, but I think changing up the color of my top gives a completely different look (in my opinion). Side note: The pink blouse and navy pants was what I wore to my interview at my medical school! (Plus a the matching blazer + black low-height heels). 


The top you see above is from Ann Taylor and the pants are from BR (like mentioned above) - the Martin Fit. I love the combination of the soft pink and navy blue and how the colors are contrasting. I tend to not wear both dark colors for top and bottom. Also, I tend to stick with solid tops but this one has some small polka dots on it. It's hard to see in the picture but in person it's a very cute and dainty detail. My shoes are from Old Navy - they're not the MOST comfortable in terms of the foot bed, but I can't complain because they don't give me blisters! Lastly, I'm wearing the Chain of Hope necklace from Benevolence LA. 


This second outfit is one of my favorite outfits. I always tell myself "OKAY - you wear too much blue" but I CANNOT help it. I love a good blue outfit - like a light chambray top and dark-wash skinnies AHHH! So this is like a translation of that, but more professional haha! The top is the only thing that changed and it's from The Limited. The necklace is from Benevolence LA and I'm loving the opal with the blue tones of the outfit. You can't see the belt in the first picture as much, but it's a black patent leather belt with gold hardware from BR. The gold hardware on it is probably my fave! 

I hope these give you some style inspo for your next business casual outfit! Dressing up in business casual attire does not have to be a drab, y'all ;)


xo, Dorothy 



Spring-Time-Ready Looks + JORD Giveaway

Is anyone else, but me, over winter yet? I'm trying to envision the leaves turning green again, the flowers blooming & the warmth of the sun. I. CAN'T. WAIT! 

With that said, I want to share with you all how I'm transitioning my wardrobe from winter to spring! I love being cozy and bundled up, but sometimes too much layers kill my vibe - I feel like a roly-poly sometimes with my thick, puffy coat on - ya feel me? So, I wanted to add more color to my wardrobe again by breaking out my lighter-weight scarves, jeans (and a colored one too), and booties! AND, what I consider would end up being my favorite spring time accessory, my new JORD Watch! 

Y'ALL - I have never had a unique watch like this one. This particular one is made from Zebrawood (read more about it here), which gives it a very one-of-a-kind look and it complements the emerald-green face extremely well (more about the watch here).

As most of you know, I am a medical student which means that I'm always wearing a watch (okay like 90% of the time). So I'm really excited to be able to add a timeless piece to my watch collection! 


Okay - back to these spring-time-ready looks. I love how the light-weight scarves can still add some "warmth-factor" since the temperatures are not as high as I'm hoping they'd be right now. Meanwhile, the colors add that pop of spring-time touch! As for tops, I tend to go with ones that are three-fourths sleeves or long-sleeve tops that I can also fold up. That way, I can have the option of rolling my sleeves up if it gets warmer or keep them down if it's chilly. Also, I love wearing colored jeans as another way of adding a pop of color for this transition time. Another fun way to transition the blush pink jeans I'm wearing is to pair it with a light gray sweater and a bootie, for another transition-to-spring look!
(Even just breaking out my trusty boyfriend jean is a great way to change it up & welcome the spring time)
Lastly, booties are ESSENTIAL for transitioning from winter to spring. Sometimes it's not quite cold enough to wear those knee-high leather boots, so booties are the perfect alternative & will still keep your toesies warm ;) 

Now, for the exciting part - I've partnered with JORD to do a G I V E A W A Y. Yes you read that right! One lucky winner will win a $100 Gift Card to! To those who don't win - fret not because you still get a $25off discount code once the contest ends - so really, it's a win-win! All you have to do is enter by clicking the link >>H E R E <<
(Giveaway ends March 5th @ 11:59PM CST!)

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these looks that will hopefully prepare you to welcome the spring time :) Add some fun colors by throwing on a colorful scarf, colored jeans, booties, and don't forget your timepiece!

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Xo, Dorothy


*Disclosure: Thank you to JORD for sponsoring this post!

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FIGS Scrubs - A Review

OH HAPPY DAY! Cus I finally get to review my FIGS Scrubs! (Insert Happy Dance HERE). If you guys don't know exactly what FIGS is, they are a brand out of sunny LA. It was started by two friends (one with a background in fasion, and the other with a background in business). One of the founders, Heather (worked in fashion) met up with her friend & basically reworked her scrubs and the rest is history. Read more about their story here. If ya'll have read my previous reviews before about scrubs, I always talk about how scrubs are a BIG part of my wardrobe as a medical student. If I'm going to wear scrubs, I want them to be comfortable and stylish too! It's only been recently that I've found my favorite brands - ones that actually flatter my figure, and also ones that are not too long or too short on the inseam (cus #shortpeopleprobs). 

To add to my collection of favorite scrub brands: enter FIGS. I was sent a pair of their scrubs - and since then it was love-at-first-wear. Ya'll seriously - these are the MOST comfortable scrubs! (I'm wearing them now as I write, haha). I picked out the Catarina Top and the Kade Pant

The first thing I noticed when I put them on was that the fabric was extremely SOFT. Second, was that it fit like a glove. I was worried that it would be too big on me (a problem I usually have), but NOPE. The fit was perfect & the fabric just fell into all the right places. Nothing was sticking out, or too snug - just right. The third thing I really loved about these, especially the pants, was the LENGTH. I'm 5'2" and the inseam fit me perfectly (I got XS's in both the top and bottom, BTW). I thought I would have to hem them (which I actually never do anyways, oops), but did not have to! Thank goodness for saving me that trip that I may or may not have taken, FIGS!

If ya'll are looking for more of a petite fit, check out the different lines that FIGS have. Also check them out if you're looking for scrubs that are not your typical scrubs - basically, an upgrade! I really think that these will be one of the most comfortable scrubs you will ever try. 

The final thing I wanted to mention is FIGS' Threads For Threads program. For every pair of scrubs they sell, they donate a pair to a health care provider in need! I L O V E brands that giveback. So what better way to put your pretty pennies into a good cause! 

What are your favorite scrub brands?

Xo, Dorothy 

#OOTD - White Coat Edition

Hi everyone! Here is a little #ootdwce (OOTD White Coat Edition), if you're needing a little fashion inspo for when you have to don that white coat :) You can also shop the post below for similar items!

Top: The Limited
Pants: J.Crew
Shoes: Old Navy
Watch: Nixon

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