FIGS Scrubs - A Review

OH HAPPY DAY! Cus I finally get to review my FIGS Scrubs! (Insert Happy Dance HERE). If you guys don't know exactly what FIGS is, they are a brand out of sunny LA. It was started by two friends (one with a background in fasion, and the other with a background in business). One of the founders, Heather (worked in fashion) met up with her friend & basically reworked her scrubs and the rest is history. Read more about their story here. If ya'll have read my previous reviews before about scrubs, I always talk about how scrubs are a BIG part of my wardrobe as a medical student. If I'm going to wear scrubs, I want them to be comfortable and stylish too! It's only been recently that I've found my favorite brands - ones that actually flatter my figure, and also ones that are not too long or too short on the inseam (cus #shortpeopleprobs). 

To add to my collection of favorite scrub brands: enter FIGS. I was sent a pair of their scrubs - and since then it was love-at-first-wear. Ya'll seriously - these are the MOST comfortable scrubs! (I'm wearing them now as I write, haha). I picked out the Catarina Top and the Kade Pant

The first thing I noticed when I put them on was that the fabric was extremely SOFT. Second, was that it fit like a glove. I was worried that it would be too big on me (a problem I usually have), but NOPE. The fit was perfect & the fabric just fell into all the right places. Nothing was sticking out, or too snug - just right. The third thing I really loved about these, especially the pants, was the LENGTH. I'm 5'2" and the inseam fit me perfectly (I got XS's in both the top and bottom, BTW). I thought I would have to hem them (which I actually never do anyways, oops), but did not have to! Thank goodness for saving me that trip that I may or may not have taken, FIGS!

If ya'll are looking for more of a petite fit, check out the different lines that FIGS have. Also check them out if you're looking for scrubs that are not your typical scrubs - basically, an upgrade! I really think that these will be one of the most comfortable scrubs you will ever try. 

The final thing I wanted to mention is FIGS' Threads For Threads program. For every pair of scrubs they sell, they donate a pair to a health care provider in need! I L O V E brands that giveback. So what better way to put your pretty pennies into a good cause! 

What are your favorite scrub brands?

Xo, Dorothy