Maevn Scrub Review + Giveaway

ITS FRI-YAY! How's everyone's week been? I cannot believe that there's only about three weeks left of classroom work, then we hit the ground running with dedicated board-studying time. Time really flies when you're having fun... or working hard. HAHA. Today, I'm very excited to share with y'all two pairs of scrubs that Maevn Scrubs gifted me (thank you, Maevn!) in order to review. Both pairs are part of their EON/EON Active Brand, which is made of a more technical fabric, so it truly feels like you're wearing more of a work-out clothing than scrubs. And if you know me, you know I love wearing workout clothes. 

The First one I'd like to share is this Hunter Green-colored pair. I'm in love with this color. It's gorgeous! The color is definitely a lighter green, but still very pretty & vibrant. (Here are the links: Top. Bottom.) The top has got A LOT of pockets which is awesome & it even has a triangle ring - which I haven't had a reason to use yet - that I'm sure will come in handy at some point. The fit was also really great because it was not baggy on my and it actually has a shape. Did I mention it also has side vents for when you know, you get sweaty? As for the pants, I'm 5'2" and THEY FIT! Not too long and not too short. I got it in a XS Regular (both top and bottom). And I think my favorite thing about them is the waistband. You not only get the waistband, but also the drawstring! I'm not really a fan of the scrubs that stay up only if you tie the drawstring SUUUPER tight, only to get loose again. So if I had the option, I would definitlely opt for something like these! I also love the tapered fit, so it looks clean and not baggy. 


Next, also a pair from the EON/EON Active Brand, are these Baby-Blue pair! HOW lovely & spring-time appropriate is this blue? I paired it again with the navy blue Nike's (which I also wore with the pair above), and I think they go so well together! First, I'd like to talk about the top. This top also fit me so well, and I love how the shape hugged me and was not boxy. It also has vents on the side and back, for those more intense studying times, shifts, etc! (More details about it here). And the pants - these pants - they're called YOGA 7-Pocket Scrub Pant...
Y O G A ! ! ! Okay I got way too excited, but uhm these are so comfy too. As always, Maevn does not skimp on the pockets, which always ends up with something in them, haha! These ones don't have a drawstring though so if that's something you're looking for I suggest the ones above (but they also have other styles with drawstrings). But the waistband on these are like those of workout pants, and it's nice because it doesn't dig in, especially when you're sitting. So you're sure to be comfortable throughout your long study hours, work shifts, or even yoga if you choose to do some downward dogs in them! Lastly, these pants also have a tapered fit - so no baggy scrubs here. (More details about the pants here).


I'm so excited to be able to use these for 3rd and 4th year for all the times I'm going to be wearing scrubs (which I'm sure is many times). The GREAT NEWS is that Maevn Uniforms are giving away 1000 to healthcare professionals, students, etc FOR FREE! This giveaway is on Instagram and Facebook and here are the instructions, which I will also post on my IG @_dorothyfaye.

1. Must be ages 18+
2. Post a picture to Instagram or Facebook in/with an old pair of scrubs
3. Tag @MaevnUniforms and use #MaevnMarchMania
4. Tell us WHY you want a NEW pair of Maevn Scrubs

The first 1000 eligible entries will receive a FREE pair of Maevn Scrubs of their choice (PS. Shipping is FREE too!).  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend & thank you for stopping by to check these scrubs out!


xo, Dorothy 



Disclaimer: The giveaway is hosted by Maevn Uniforms! Thank you again, Maevn Uniforms for letting me review these scrubs. All opinions are solely mine.

FIGS Scrubs - A Review

OH HAPPY DAY! Cus I finally get to review my FIGS Scrubs! (Insert Happy Dance HERE). If you guys don't know exactly what FIGS is, they are a brand out of sunny LA. It was started by two friends (one with a background in fasion, and the other with a background in business). One of the founders, Heather (worked in fashion) met up with her friend & basically reworked her scrubs and the rest is history. Read more about their story here. If ya'll have read my previous reviews before about scrubs, I always talk about how scrubs are a BIG part of my wardrobe as a medical student. If I'm going to wear scrubs, I want them to be comfortable and stylish too! It's only been recently that I've found my favorite brands - ones that actually flatter my figure, and also ones that are not too long or too short on the inseam (cus #shortpeopleprobs). 

To add to my collection of favorite scrub brands: enter FIGS. I was sent a pair of their scrubs - and since then it was love-at-first-wear. Ya'll seriously - these are the MOST comfortable scrubs! (I'm wearing them now as I write, haha). I picked out the Catarina Top and the Kade Pant

The first thing I noticed when I put them on was that the fabric was extremely SOFT. Second, was that it fit like a glove. I was worried that it would be too big on me (a problem I usually have), but NOPE. The fit was perfect & the fabric just fell into all the right places. Nothing was sticking out, or too snug - just right. The third thing I really loved about these, especially the pants, was the LENGTH. I'm 5'2" and the inseam fit me perfectly (I got XS's in both the top and bottom, BTW). I thought I would have to hem them (which I actually never do anyways, oops), but did not have to! Thank goodness for saving me that trip that I may or may not have taken, FIGS!

If ya'll are looking for more of a petite fit, check out the different lines that FIGS have. Also check them out if you're looking for scrubs that are not your typical scrubs - basically, an upgrade! I really think that these will be one of the most comfortable scrubs you will ever try. 

The final thing I wanted to mention is FIGS' Threads For Threads program. For every pair of scrubs they sell, they donate a pair to a health care provider in need! I L O V E brands that giveback. So what better way to put your pretty pennies into a good cause! 

What are your favorite scrub brands?

Xo, Dorothy 

Smitten Scrubs + Giving Back

Happy Friday ya'll! You may have seen one of my stories on the good 'ol Instagram where I mentioned I was working on a post for today. Without further ado - here it is! Scrub Shopper reached out to me to promote a scrub brand that is relaunching one of their lines. It is the Bliss collection from Smitten Scrubs! As you know, I'm in medical school - so scrubs are a wardrobe staple. So I'm extremely grateful to be able to share this brand with ya'll! 

My first impression of these scrubs was that the material reminded me of a Nike or Adidas track suit! The fabric is a ponte knit which makes it heavier - but not in a bad way! It's great for the colder weather so that you don't necessarily have to wear leggings under scrubs (which I do a lot in the winter). 

As far as the fit goes, I think that the top fit me great (XS), but may have been a little long on me (I'm 5'2") - So I would probably suggest a Petite size (#shortpeopleprobs). The bottoms were the PERFECT length (Small petite), but there is something I noticed. It was that the hip area has a slight - and I mean sliiiiiight - curvier fit. Now, my body type is more straight so personally those are not necessary for me. In fact, the curves are not as flattering for me. BUT, if you're on the curvier side - these bottoms would be perfect! It's not super noticeable, especially if the top is not tucked in. And again, it's very slight and it really depends on your body type. Of course, they've got lots of stretch all around which is great! 

Something  else that I absolutely love are the POCKETS. If scrubs are also a part of your wardrobe staples, then you would love #allthepockets. There are a total of 4 pockets on the top and 3 on the bottom (one of which is a bigger side pocket & there's velcro to secure items). 

Overall, I was extremely pleased by these scrubs & will be my go-to for the colder, winter months! 

Another exciting news I wanted to mention is called the "Give Back" Campaign by Scrub Shopper. What it is, is that during the month of January and February, Scrub Shopper will be Giving Back to some organizations when you make a purchase through their website. The organizations included are: Susan G. Komen, Doctors Without Borders, St. Jude's, The Abandoned Pet Project, and the Greta James Scholarship Foundation. When making a purchase, you will have the option to select ONE of the above-mentioned organizations and Scrub Shopper with donate $1 PER ORDER to the organization that you chose! 

I know that Christmas and the Holidays have passed, but what a great way to continue in the giving spirit throughout 2017! In addition, Scrub Shopper has offered a DISCOUNT CODE to take $15 OFF any order over $80 (and it can be purchase of ANY brand).
DISCOUNT CODE: "dorothyfaye15" (can be used at check out).

Thank ya'll for reading! I hope to continue to be able to help in anyway I can whether it's by giving product reviews, sharing perspective on medical school and life during medical school. SO - let me know what other types of posts you would like to read about! 

And don't forget, no matter what season - let's give back. 

xo, Dorothy 



Disclaimer: These Smitten Scrubs were sent to me by Scrub Shopper. All opinions are completely my own. Thank you.